How can STEAM help students and what impact will it have on our communities?

Over the next several decades, advanced manufacturing will continue to profoundly change the work environment throughout the United States and the world. The ability of companies to have a source of highly skilled technical labor will be a determining factor in whether they remain where they are, investing in education and training for the people that they need, or relocate to where these and other important considerations for their success and long term growth are available.

Education is a primary component to support the long term sustainability of a community. A STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math) based education provides the foundation for this next generation workforce. It creates the ability for a locality or region to raise, train, and retain their residents by offering the opportunity to enhance their quality of life for themselves and their future generations.


Integrating Education & Training

A skilled workforce is only possible when the education system is directly linked to the growing industries of the area. Recently, central Florida has seen successful integration of this concept and it has been expanding. One example of such a successful partnership is seen in the relationship between Northrop Grumman, Orange County Public Schools (OCPS) and Valencia College. The Laser Photonics Academy at OCPS’ Wekiva High School offers dual enrollment with Valencia College and trains students for careers that Northrup Grumman has identified as essential to their own mission, including:

  • Engineering techniciannew_Sara.jpg
  • Research technician
  • Manufacturing technician
  • Field Service technician
  • Laser technician
  • Photonics technician
  • Test technician
  • Technical sales

According to recent Department of Labor statistics, salaries for these jobs range from $40k to over $60k. 

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